Beech Park Vegetable Allotments, Beech Park, Clonsilla, Dublin 15.

Located on farmland at Beech Park, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 (Right next to Clonsilla railway station), these allotments are perfectly located for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

In this refreshing rural environment you can enjoy the relaxation and achievement of gardening on your very own private allotment. Whether you would like to save money, grow your own healthy food, or just love gardening in general, be sure to look up these allotments.

Beech Park allotments, photo / pic / image.

Beech Park allotments, photo / pic / image.

Public (local authority) or private: Private

Typical size of plots: Two plot sizes available 10m x 6m and 20m x 6m.

Charges: From €185 and €285 per year.

Fruit tree planting allowed: No

Sheds/greenhouses allowed: Yes, upon clearance with allotment owner.

Help available on site: General help such as a rotavating service or weeding available on request at competitive prices.

Secure storage:No

On-site car parking: Yes

Other amenities: Toilets provided. Water supply on-site, each allotment has a tap in the corner. Composting and waste disposal areas also on site.

Address: Beech Park Allotments, Beech Park House, Clonsilla, Dublin 15

Contact: Ray McDermot

e-mail :

Tel : 086 218 2370

Directions: From Dublin: Head North on the N3 towards Navan (Junction 6 if coming from M50).

Turn left onto Blanchardstown Road South (R121), Turn right at the 3rd Roundabout onto Clonsilla Road (R121), then follow the Clonsilla Road around and enter the laneway on the right just over the Railway tracks.

Beech Park Allotments are located at the end of that laneway.

If you are the owner of this allotment or know further about it then please add a comment below.

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58 Responses to “Beech Park Vegetable Allotments, Beech Park, Clonsilla, Dublin 15.”

  1. ollie Says:

    Great news! Cant wait for this to get up and running. Looking forward to meeting other allotmenteers!

  2. Steve Says:

    I’ll second that - live a mile away so I am happy to get stuck in!

  3. Fergus Says:

    I just can’t believe what people have to pay in Ireland for renting an allotment. 285 euros a year is simply ridiculous.

    When I lived near London, I used to pay 20 pounds a year all in for a 200m plot and could plant anything I wanted on it. Fruit and nut trees benefit the future allotmenteers. Can the county councils of the country not provide some permanent sites rather than people having to use these sites that are clearly earmarked for future development.

    One thing we do have a lot of in Ireland is land.

  4. admin Says:

    I hear what you are saying Fergus. To extend your final quote….”One thing we do have a lot of in Ireland is land, and nearsighted local authorities.” :)

  5. admin Says:

    Just a note to let any interested allotmenteers know that Beech Park Vegetable Allotments are holding an opening day this Saturday 21st March (2009). The allotment owners will be there from 9.00am onwards.

  6. Beech Park Vegetable Allotments, open day. | Says:

    [...] More on the allotment listed here… Beech Park Vegetable Allotments , Beech Park, Clonsilla, Dublin 15. [...]

  7. shane o'donovan Says:

    I am interested in buying a plot of land in an allotment that is just opened in Clonsilla, Dublin 15.
    I am looking ideally for someone with some vegetable growing experience to mentor me and maybe share and go half on the price of an allotment with me to help me gain some experience.
    I would be happy to find out anyone who is thinking or has a plot in consilla or beechpark allotments to contact me as it would provide me with a contact and some help starting out.
    if anybody is interested in getting involved then please email me.
    The beechpark allotment is located beside Clonsilla train station so very accessible for the city center and plenty of land left, but huge demand locally.
    The sizes are 20 by 6m for the smallest, 30m by 8m mid size, and the biggest is 35m by 10m. prices start at 285euros for the smallest up to 350 for the largest. water storage and dung for compost is provided on site with plenty of networking opportunities available with neighbors on the land.

  8. Julie Dillon Says:

    Hi, I visited your allotements last Sunday, a lovely site, was dying to jump over the wall to see the late David Shackeltons walled garden. I work for Helen Dillon who often refers to how much an expert and genious he was. I know a good bit about gardening, but am no expert on fruit and veg. I certainly know how to dig/prepare a veg bed!,Helen has become very enthusiastic turning parts of her garden into vegetable plots, rather than having an allotement.

    Anyway, myself and 3 freinds defenitely would like to get a 6m x 12m and we wondered when this would be possible, i.e all set up and ready to go.

    Many thanks,

    Julie Dillon

  9. ollie Says:

    Hi Julie, I went in for a look on thursday and they were laying the water pipes. Im sure you can call in anytime to check them out and ask questions, or give Nick a ring.

  10. ollie Says:

    Hi there, I was up the allotment today and planted potatoes. It was great to meet other people, a couple of neighbours of mine,a couple with their dalmation, a nice girl called Adrian and a few others. I hope we can all work together towards a more happy planet!

  11. admin Says:

    Any pics ollie?
    Send them to the email address at the top of the page. ;)

  12. martin galvin Says:

    Fellow Alotees
    I have an allotment in Friarstown near Tallaght.
    It is very good. Soilwise and locationwise. It grieves me to think of the fact that some allotments have not been attended to for quite awile now. They are overgrown with weeds etc.
    Now there are people waiting to get started and cannot move in because some allotment holders are not taking this allotment business seriously. So “get down and dirty” or “Get off the stage now!” and let some serious proposed allotment holders in to “do their thing!”

  13. ollie Says:

    I havent figured how to post pics yet! Its a bit dissappointing that the water is not set up yet or the rabbit-proof fence dosent work. Ive lost some brassicas already. I think the owner should have had this sorted before taking peoples money.

  14. tash Says:

    Hi guys,

    My sis-in-law and myself just got a plot there last week, and so far so good. New to the whole allotment game so if anyone has any tips, it would be most welcome.

  15. Becks Says:

    Hi All

    I got myself an allotment in Beech Park last week - all i need now is some spare time to head down there and get started!

    Hoping the rain holds off a bit today so I can head down in the afternoon.

    Looking forward to meeting lots of allotment pals

    (A note to the person who posted about the price be high etc. i think that considering this is a private allotment the price is very reasonable. You asked could the local authorities not sort something out and the answer is ‘apparently not’! I have been on the local authority’s waiting list for over a year and they are still faffing around and beiong useless. So I say fairplay to Beech Park for using their initiative and getting something started; if it really was too expensive then the plots wouldn;t have been snapped up so fast!)

  16. Ray McDermott Says:

    Hi everyone, I’m Ray McDermott, I live at Beech Park and some of you may know me from seeing me around the allotments. Just a note on the prices. I must thank you Becks for your support, and I can see where Fergus is coming from, however it is not right to compare our allotments to County Council ones, as we have to account for ownership of the land, and other considerable costs. 20 euros would just about cover our insurance costs for each plot. We have done our best to ensure competitive pricing, and thanks to everyone for their continued support.

  17. ollie Says:

    Hi Ray, any danger of a tea/coffee shop or plant shop opening soon?

  18. Barbara Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I got myself an allotment in Beech Park and I have to say I absolutely love it. It has been the best decision/ investment we made this year. We looked at other allotments in the area but beech park won hands down. There is such a warm and friendly atmosphere around the place, everyone stops to say hi. You get a real community atmosphere in the place. The best part for us is that it’s so dog friendly; we get to bring our black cocker, Lucy with us. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that we manage to grow some Veg as I’m an absolute novice.


  19. tash Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Went down to check my allotment yesterday only to find that something has been dining out on my cabbages.(small pests,slugs,snails etc.) Trying to be organic, any suggestions?

    Thanks a mil. :)

  20. Tom Says:

    Hi All.

    Well I am from the city area of Dublin and we never even had a garden so when I mgved to Clonsilla many years ago I looked forward to gardening but never took to it. But a month ago I made a great decision and along with a friend of mine I took an allotment in Beech Park, it is the best decision I have ever made. You meet really nice people who share everything from advice to tools and we are all in the same boat and most of us are first timers.
    So here’s to a good summer and if half of my crops are successful I will be happy. So if you are considering an allotment you wont find better. So happy planting.

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  22. Noelle Says:

    Just rented an allotment and am complete novice. Just wondering if an experienced gardener is planning a trip to their allotment in Beechpark during the next week, could I arrange to meet him or her to get a few starting tips. Reading like mad but not the same as seeing how someone has started. Looking forward to hearing from someone!


  23. ollie Says:

    Hi Noelle. I will gladly meet you for a chat. Im not a professional but I will show you my plot and we can have a chat. Morning or evening? What suits you?

  24. ollie Says:

    Hi tash,we have the same problem with the cabbages been eaten. I think it is pigeons. We have put nets over ours.I have put down animal friendly slug pellets too. You can also use beer traps or crushed eggshells, although everything gets washed away when it rains and you have to keep repeating it.The wind is also very damaging to plants.Put straw around your strawberries when the flowers appear. It keeps the fruit clean from the mud.

  25. ollie Says:

    Ive just read message number 21. This person has 4 plots in Beechpark. They are using 2 and hoping to rent out the other 2. Is this normallly what people do with their plots?

  26. Noelle Says:

    Thanks for your reply Ollie. Next week I hope to be there on Tuesday, Thursday and or Friday, preferably in the morning. What plot number are you? Also plan to make it this weekend.

  27. ollie Says:

    Hi Noelle, Im 127. I will be there tomorrow and I also pop in randomly all the time. Looking forward to meeting you.

  28. Tom Says:

    I am just wondering how many more allotments they are thinking of cramming into Beech Park. It seems as if they are using every square inch. The parking is a disaster at weekends. Am looking forward to things settling down. Any ideas anyone !!!!

  29. Maeve Says:

    I’m trying to get a shed but there is no answer on Nick’s mobile - left a few messages. My allotment is right up the back of the field - and when it rains it is extremely dangerous walking up - so I’d rather not have to carry equipment up and concentrate on walking.

    They really should put in a walkway - even if it is just woodchip.

  30. ollie Says:

    If anyone has a question for the owners of the allotments the email address is at the top of these messages. I am assured by the owner that they are aware of the problems with the mud. They are considering the possibility of a hard foothpath but its hard to do any kind of work at the moment with all the rain. The wheelbarrows are there to help you transport heavy loads. Also the left hand side is always dry to walk up and there is a gate from the carpark area. People at the far end could leave things over the wire as they are driving in so they dont have to carry them

  31. ollie Says:

    The owners are working on a solution to the mud. If anyone has questions they can send them to the email address at the top.

  32. Maeve Says:

    Ollie - thanks! These are great tips! I didn’t know the left hand side was always dry. That will make a difference. I was using the right hand side and it was very bad for the last week or so.

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  34. Anto Says:

    Hi all myself and my partner just snapped up the last allotment at beechpark and have already felt the warm community spirit which is growing there. Its great that its so dog friendly and I can’t wait to bring my 2 up, only thing is my Westie likes to be a darker shade of pale. I’m on plot 300b furthest from the toilet on the roadside ( I’m sure that will throw up its own problems) so if anyone would like to pop over for a chat and share some of their expertise that would be great :-)

  35. Tom Says:

    Hi All, just back from my allotment and as with my earlier message the cramming is continueing. New allotments have gone in all along the railway side of the site, these are only 11 feet wide at the gate end and full of stones. I fear that things will not settle for a while yet and any of us with end sites are particularly dissappointed as I spoke with neighbours tonight and they cant believe it. To get from the car park to the far end one now has to climb the tractor ramp (with all of your tools & plants) and walk along by the railway embankment. Soon passengers will be picking our fruit & Veg from the windows of the train……..

  36. niall Says:

    @Tom, you dont have to go any where up the tractor ramp, there is a track down both sides of the allotments. The one near the dung heap is fairly wet though. Its a little bit stoney by the rail way side but a bit of a walk won’t kill ya!

  37. Bea Says:

    Niall, u do have to get up the slope and walk along the tractor path then down the slope bit dodgy when carrying stuff …or when its dry in the gate at the car park and across but when its wet and muddy !!! New plots when in over the last few days….have a look…

  38. DOH! Says:

    Sorry about that, have been away for a while and didn’t realise that they have converted my old path into a new plots. Found out yesterday trying to push a barrow full of blocks up the bloody slope. And trying to stop it running away from me on the way down.

  39. Anon Says:

    I wasn’t able to push the barrow up the hill.
    Using the rhs at the moment but if it rains again, I won’t be able to access my plot. Only a matter of time until someone injures themself.

    Health and safety me thinks.

  40. Maeve Says:

    There is a nice new path going in up the right hand side of the allotments where it tends to get mucky. Someone has been busy working away. This is great!

  41. Bea Says:

    Any one got photo of Beechpark to put on web ? Snapping I did not take some at the start….anyone got some to share ?

  42. Bea Says:

    Hi, just wondering who won the best allotment ? As I wish to visit it to see how its done ????

  43. ollie Says:

    Think it was me and my 2 partners! I was away last week so missed all the bbq and everything. From what Ive heard from people it was a great success. Im gonna post some pics tomorrow. Thanks to all who voted for us.

  44. Olive Says:

    Hi, I took a few pictures of the allotments at the very start and a few this week to compare. The place is looking great!

    see the pictures here:

  45. Bea Says:

    Ollie, are u number 127 ?? or what plot number are u ?

  46. Adrian 130 Says:

    Hi folks I think the guys are doing a great job in gettingt hings sorted and we should give them time. On a very seroius note if we want our own compost heap to do anyting we need a few volunteers to take the carpet that it there off and move the left hand side of the heap over, then we DESPERATELY need more carpet to cover it fully. IF ANY ONE CAN GET HOLD OF OLD CARPET WOULD THEY PLEASE DONATE IT TO THE ALLOTMENT TO ENSURE WE HAVE GOOD FREE COMPOST FOR NEXT YEAR. If any one wants to talk about growing I am up on 130 at regular intervals and would be willing to talk anything through.

  47. Bea Says:

    Carpet is not the best thing to use …. as it can leach chemicals into the compost therefore losing the organic nature of the compost and as I am sure most of the allotmeers are doing their best to be as organic as poss. Keeping it covered with sacking or plastic will help it mature and this helps keep it hot to kill any seeds/weeds

  48. ollie Says:

    Hi Bea, Im actually 128 not 127.Sorry!

  49. Adrian 130 Says:

    Hi folks - in response to your point Bea I should have said Hessian Backed Carpet is what is required. I might add that this is recommended by the likes of Mr Alan Titchmarsh and many other well known gardeners and people who have written on Allotmenteering and Gardening and Self Suffieiency. It does not alter the fact that we REALLY MUST MAKE THE MESSY PILE INTO ONE PLIE AND COVER IT WITH HESSIAN BACKED CARPET VERY QUICKLY SO I WOPULD PLEAD WITH ANYONE TO SPEND HALF AN HOUR ON THE COMPOST HEAPS TO ENSURE WE HAVE FREE COMPOST FOR NEXT YEAR.

  50. Richard & Louise Says:

    Hi All,

    We would just like to introduce ourselves! We are plot 102. Feel free to pop by and say hi! Like most of you guy’s here we are Allotmenteer Novices!! and learning something new every day and we would just like to say a big Thank you to Adrian and also to Sadie (our allotment neighbour) who have been very generous with their time and advice! It is greatly appreciated and we look forward to many happy times on the allotments as everyone seems so willing to help and everyone always has a Hello!! so “HELLO” to all Allotmenteers.

  51. Maeve Says:

    Hi Olive, thanks for uploading the photos. It was nice to see what the field looked like in the beginning. We have all come a long way!

    “Castle Maeve” even features in one of the shots :)


  52. 0llie Says:

    Hi maeve, I will take some more if the rain ever stops! July has been a washout. The weeds have gone mad everywhere. We have just finished our first spuds,caulis,broccoli,cabbage and lettuce. Putting in spuds for christmas.Also kale,spinach,beetroot,parsnips. The tomatoe plants look great,if we get a sunny August we should do well. Dont forget to weed,weed,weed!

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  54. anon Says:

    No water supply again today. This happens regularly. Water supply was part of the contractual agreement.

  55. Gosia Says:

    I was wondering if there are any allotments still available in the Beach Park area? We have moved recently to Castleknock and it would be great to start a vegetable garden finally :)).
    I would be grateful for a reply. Thanks.

  56. ollie Says:

    Hello everybody,well those of us who are still hanging in there.I heard on the grapevine that Nick has left for sunnier shores! Also we have lost a few allotmenteers who just couldnt hack it! Overall for complete novices I think we did very well this year despite the weather and other teething problems. At the moment I am just turning the ground over to let the frost at it and doing a general tidy up. Well,I hope everyone has a nice Christmas and I look forward to seeing everyone in the Spring.

  57. Al Says:


    Does anyone have a contact number for beech Park allotments? I can’t get a reply from the above contact details so i guess they must have changed . I’m interested in renting an allotment and was wondering about availability. I called out last weekend are there seems to be some available but I cant contact anyone to enquire.

  58. Alice Whyte Says:

    Hi All, I started growing vegetables and fruit in my back garden 10 years ago and I love it. What I do miss though is the companionship of having like-minded people to talk to. The great advantage to growing in your own garden is that if you fancy carrots or peas for dinner all you have to do is walk outside into your back garden and pick them. I think that allotments all over the Dublin/Kildare areas that were being rented during 2010 were frighfully expensive. Now that the Celtic Tiger is well and truly dead it will be interesting to see if next year’s prices are reduced considerably.

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